Name of the Service      : Boomvox WAP Portal

Service Type                      : Non-branded CP service

Target Base                      : All Airtel Internet Customers

Launch date                       : 1/2/2018

Access Mode                     : WAP Portal (


Product brief


Boomvox service is a WAP portal where Airtel user can enjoy unlimited video streaming. Massive source of GPRS contents which is covers of local and international market content in this portal. Airtel users can download and subscribe for daily contents of Boomvox.





How to use

You need to log on to WAP site from your mobile via your mobile browser. You can then select from a range of contents. Remember to bookmark for easy access.

Here are some pointers to HELP you connect:







How to Subscribe:

  1. SMS: Write “START BM” or “START BM7” and send to 16530 in reply user will get notification SMS “Thanks for your subscription request for Boomvox To confirm your subscription please click here”. Please find the desired keyword below:




Daily Subscription



Weekly Subscription




  1. Mobile site: Go to and click on “SUBSCRIBE” button, then select the desired package and once prompted click on “Confirm”. After giving another “Confirmation” (double confirmation) on the mobile site, the user will be finally subscribed.


How to Unsubscribe:

  1. SMS: Write “STOP BM” or “STOP BM7” and send to 16530. Please find the desired keyword below:



Stop Daily Subscription


Stop Weekly Subscription



  1. Mobile site: Go to and click on “UNSUBSCRIBE” button on the bottom of the page.








Price (Excluding VAT, SD & SC)


Daily Subscription

























Help and Support


First Level Support:

Support Email:

Mobil: 01883765149






























Frequently Asked Questions



  1. How do I enjoy video streaming?

You can click on the content and then a page will appear containing the option to play content.

  1. If I have opted for the subscription option, how long does my subscription last?

As it is daily subscription, it will be active for same day and your subscription will be automatically renewed for the next day and so on until you unsubscribe from the service.

  1. I get error 'Low Balance, Recharge and try again', what does this mean?

This message is displayed when you do not have sufficient balance in your account or your daily renewal has been unsuccessful. To continue enjoying Boomvox service kindly refill and try again.


  1. Will I be able to download contents in iOS, Android and Windows?

The content downloads supports in Android, Windows, J2ME, iOS platforms.


  1. Will I be able to subscribe if my handset is not supported?

No, you cannot subscribe to this service if your handset is not supported.


  1. Why do I need Airtel data connection?

Airtel data connection is required to validate your subscription status with WAP Portal.


  1. How do I continue enjoying Boomvox service if I change my handset?

If you change your handset and continue having the old SIM card, then you will remain a subscriber to the service.


  1. How can I continue enjoying Boomvox service if I change my SIM card?

If you change your SIM card then you will have to subscribe to the service again to continue playing.


  1. What is the link to find the Boomvox service through Mobile phone?

You need to log on to WAP site from your mobile via your mobile browser with AIRTEL Internet.


  1. How do I get the link of Boomvox service?

You need to type “START BM” and send to 16530. User will get the portal link in reply SMS.



  1. How many contents are FREE a day?

You can enjoy unlimited free video streaming.

  1. How much paid content can I download?

You can’t download contents.

  1. If I am not subscribe what will be my charge?

If not subscribe he/she won’t enjoy the content and no charge.


  1. How to subscribe Boomvox service?


  1. How to unsubscribe from service?
  1. Don’t find answers here?

Email to the below ID or call the CP helpline numbers given below:







Support Email:

Mobil: 01883765149